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Launching Tech Start-ups

By 29th September 2016 No Comments



In agency speak, they say that two similar clients is a coincidence and three is a speciality.

Launch work for a tranche of tech start up companies, some we can speak about and others we are legally bound not to by non-disclosure agreements.

The reasons we handle so many tech start-ups is down to one thing and one thing only… Experience.

Launch is a young, small agency in a location you wouldn’t expect to find tech marketing specialists, however, look into the agency and you quickly see the expertise hidden in our people. Launch’s management have worked in Silicon Valley, Europe and the UK with tech start-ups for most of their careers, whether it be software, hardware, apps or just great new ideas that need funding and this combined experience allows Launch to offer a very holistic tech and software marketing package.

From as early on as positioning the start-up to attract initial users, through to post R&D global marketing, Launch is uniquely positioned to give new tech companies a great head-start.

Another attractive fact about Launch is our inside knowledge of UK and US based tech venture capital. We know what VC’s expect from start-ups and we know exactly how to approach them for funding. We don’t promise we will get you funding, but we know the process inside out and we can get you a few steps closer.

So if you’re a young company with a great tech or software idea and want to work with a small agency who “gets” the tech market and can pick up an idea and run with it quickly, hit us up now and let’s get talking!