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Focus on Photography

By 15th May 2016 No Comments

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, recent research suggested that photographs deliver greater recall than illustrations. In fact, recall is said to have increased by an average of 26% – when compared to an illustration of the same image.

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, recall is becoming more and more crucial. Here’s why.

The name that comes to mind first when consumers are asked about brands in a category enjoys the highest ‘top of the mind recall’. That means consumers are more aware of the product and, hopefully, more likely to buy it than alternatives.

These brands have a better chance of lasting longer in the marketplace too, giving the companies greater revenue generating potential. What’s more, high top of the mind recall also helps in brand extensions.

So what conclusion can you draw from the research? It’s a clear illustration that photography is crucial to the success of marketing campaigns.