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The Power of Storytelling

By 29th August 2016 No Comments



Let’s face it, people love good stories. That’s why they stay up late to finish reading books or binge-watch movies and television shows into the wee small hours.

But storytelling isn’t just the preserve of publishers and production houses. Brands have been perfecting this technique of storytelling for years too.

The first to do it successfully was Nescafe with its serialised advertising campaign for Gold Blend Coffee. Launched in 1987, the ads told the story of Tony and Sharon, who became slowly attracted to one another through their shared love of Gold Blend coffee. The ads, which each ended on a cliffhanger, kept viewers wondering “will they, won’t they”. The campaign, which ran for six years, proved to be extremely popular with the public and gained widespread media attention. More importantly for Nescafe, the ads increased UK sales of Gold Blend by over 50%.

So, given the potential business gains, take a moment to think about your brand. What’s your story?