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Launch is a multi-disciplinary marketing agency.

Renowned for its capabilities within the leisure, tourism and technology sectors, Launch works for a limited number of clients at a time, allowing a razor sharp focus on each and every project and enabling the agency to remain 100% client focussed at all times.

Launch handles every aspect of the marketing mix including branding, website design, social media, advertising and direct marketing, however, everything Launch does starts with strategy...

A marketing project without a strategy is like a rocket running on two-stroke. So we make sure that every mission kicks off with a strategy that’s been well thought through, appropriately researched and signed off by our clients before we embark on the process of creative discovery.

Good process delivers fast, effective promotion, aimed at the right target and detonated on time and within budget.

That’s why from launch to landing we’re on it and we do it through lean, nimble processes that cut to the chase and deliver what’s needed, when it’s needed.

Creativity is our warhead.

We create words and pictures that are focal points and conversation pieces. And we create them, like everything else we do, with the benefit of experience. That makes for rapid response and well-tuned outcomes.

Branding, websites, digital marketing, promotion, advertising... we do it all.

The Rocketeers

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Marketing and digital strategy
Creative design process
Creative marketing agency